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Dr Sarah Ferguson
Dr Sarah Ferguson

At the wise age of nine, I decided to become a doctor. I was fortunate to receive my medical education at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, a school that has historically been committed to women in medicine. After completing my residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto, I was ready to explore warmer places and a new direction in medicine.

Since moving to the Bay area a few decades ago, I grew a very successful private practice and co-founded Avenues for Health, a dynamic women’s health practice in Danville.

Throughout more than 20 years in Internal Medicine and Women’s Health, I have enjoyed wonderful long-term relationships and the continuity of care I could provide as a primary care doctor. During these years, I continued to learn and blend many different complementary and alternative therapies to help my patients, including nutrition, functional medicine, herbal medicine and medical acupuncture.

My work was truly enriched in 1998 when I completed training in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians through UCLA. Acupuncture has since become a vital and integral part of my daily practice for both prevention and treatment.

My knowledge of herbal medicine has continued to grow through formal training with master herbalists, providing my patients with options to choose between pharmaceuticals and herbs or a careful blending of both.

In December 2009, I proudly graduated from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. This unique and innovative two-year journey is the premier program in Integrative Medicine training for physicians. It has solidified my foundation in the art and science of Integrative Medicine and provided me with a community of practitioners who will lead a much-needed transformation in healthcare.

Now, personally and professionally, the time is right for me to realize my dream of a new model of practice, one which honors the individual’s right to choose a healing path, one which is free of the time constraints of the insurance-based medical model and one which draws from knowledge I have incorporated from the best of both western and alternative medical traditions.